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CT business Solutions

The main things we love about working with Carl and his team are that they are always available to talk – even if it’s urgent or last minute.

Plus, they are so professional yet personal too.

YBT makes things happen – if we weren’t part of YBT, we wouldn’t be as far ahead as we are. It’s good to meet people with exactly the same issues as us in Coaching Club. 

The group brainstorming is invaluable. The forum provides lots of strategies for sorting out problems and identifying opportunities. Tracking our accounts has helped us already, focusing us on our goals and making sure we achieve them.

Being held accountable at YBT meetings means we have to deliver!

We would highly recommend to people in business whether they are new to the game or have been in business for years.


Karen Hamilton

W Hamilton Building Ltd

Carl and his team are knowledgeable, friendly and very approachable.

Nothing is ever a problem; time frames set are efficient and adhered to, and follow-ups and accountability are excellent and very motivating.

We have learnt so much by working with them and our business has grown considerably due to our work with Carl and his team.


Russell Brown

bachelor of VETERINARY sciences

My start-up business had, over time, become quite busy with over 15 employees. My only succession plan was to hopefully sell the business, but the problem was the business had become barely profitable and cash flow was always an issue.

Carl convinced me that he and his team could make a difference. After engaging a suitable business manager, we entered into a mentoring program with him. Plans were made, decisions taken, directions and targets set and various issues addressed.

It all required some commitment and effort on our part. Then the graph lines started going up and the new manager and program costs became incidental. Then the business attracted interest from prospective buyers who could see the structure and systems were achieving value and prospects. 

A very satisfactory sale of the business resulted, for which I am grateful to Carl and his team.

I have no doubt that they can make positive difference to any type of business or enterprise.


Murray Cockburn

Mainland Minerals

Carl and his team have been very intuitive when it comes to providing helpful business advice.

His background in banking, business advising and accountancy sectors has helped our business several times over, adding significant value over the last ten years.

Carl’s business coaching has proved to be an effective sounding board, able to put his feedback and advice in simple, easily digestible terms.

He also keeps us accountable to achieve our goals and gives us motivation and confidence in what we’re doing.

Carl is a fantastic adviser who we wholeheartedly trust with his opinion and guidance, and we would highly recommend him to any business at any stage.


Mathew Wilson

Crom-Dig Ltd.

YBT have been invaluable, providing huge assistance with our business transition.

Speaking in a language we understand and going above and beyond.

Always someone available to offer support or guidance where needed.

Thank you Carl!


Bruce Carvell

Williams Signs + Graphix

After over 30 years of ownership, I had come to a point where I knew I had to develop an exit strategy that wouldn’t rock the boat and cause disruptions in my busy workplace.

The company was in good health, but I was showing all the classic signs of burn out.

Carl Spruyt had been a trusted business adviser to me for many years and knew my business well. Having explored the prospect of succession previously, it was evident that it was not an option for me.

Carl encouraged me to take stock of my situation, evaluate what was important to me and my family and then guided me through the steps towards exiting the business in a way that was best for everybody.

As much as it was a tough decision to make, Carl’s support and advice helped me put a plan in place, and, in fact, made a relatively quick sale at a price and on terms that I was very satisfied with.

Giving up your baby of 30+ years is never easy, especially when the baby is thriving, but sometimes we have to do what is best for the long-term and for those around us.

I would have found this entire process incredibly difficult and overwhelming had I not had the support and backing of Carl and the YBT team.


Ella & Wayne Butson

Design & Garden Landscapes

Wayne and I were introduced to Carl and YBT CC after discussions with Dave McPhedran from YBT Accounting. We asked Dave ‘how do we leverage our business up a notch?’ Dave’s response was ‘You need to talk to Carl’ and we haven’t looked back since!

That was several years ago now, and we have a very close working relationship with Carl and the team at YBT CC and Accounting.

Working with YBT CC has given us the confidence to take leaps of faith in our business, knowing they are only a phone call or visit away from seeking advice and guidance.

Carl and the team have helped us grow from a back-room home office with two employees, moving to a high-profile site now employing nine passionate landscape personnel.


Ricky Proctor

Beds ‘R’ Us Dunedin

We were referred to Carl Spruyt and YBT CC by friends who also use his services, and it’s been one of the best business decisions we’ve ever made.

Since starting with Carl, we are now regularly hitting business goals we set ourselves and are now looking at expanding our business just three years after opening!

When we first started, Carl helped us a lot with our budgeting and learning about maximizing our margin and profit.

I feel as though the biggest benefit he provides a small business owner is motivating you and teaching you where your margins and growth opportunities are.

Thank you, Carl!


Les McKenzie

Clickworks Ltd

After being referred to Carl and YBT Coaching and Consulting by my bank, we immediately began working together on planning and budgeting for my business, as well as developing growth strategies and structure to enable further growth.

As anyone who owns a small business can tell you, it’s often a lonely place to be. But Carl and his resources provided me with a sounding board and numerous ideas to help me progress my development.

If you feel as though you are isolated in your business, I would highly recommend picking up the phone and speaking with Carl – you never know what results you’ll achieve!

JH Dental.png

John Hamilton

John Hamilton Dental

The biggest value I have received from Carl in particular has been the ongoing support and mentorship. Running a small business can be a lonely place for a sole trader/owner so having a professional colleague who understands the business challenges and can provide practical advise and objective commentary has been of enormous value.

Not withstanding the professional value I have come to enjoy Carl’s robustness and sense of humor as well.

Selling Duncroft Dental to Lumino was a big transition for me and positioning the business for sale clarified a lot of issues around profitability and value. More recently returning to private practice with a clear set of goals and expectations around finance, profit and business structure has also been of great value.

The biggest value YBT provides a small business is a deep understanding of basic business systems and how to solve common roadblocks to profitability. Most small businesses get busy being marginally profitable and think that they somehow have unique challenges.

The good news is these challenges are not unique they simply need a clear process to identify and find the correct structures and solutions to generate profitability and value; YBT are very good at finding those answers.


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