The Five Major Drains on Your Time

There are five MAJOR things that drain your time in life. But don't worry: it's really easy to fix the leaks for four of them! The fifth? Well, that’s up to you!


  • Email

Your email is a consistent distraction. With the mail program running all the time, emails can distract you as they arrive. Or, you'll find yourself checking for new messages every 15, 10 or five minutes.


Writing, reading and responding to emails can easily monopolize your time because they seem like an ever urgent and important task.


It is NOT – schedule response times into 3 allocated times per day e.g. first thing, immediately after lunch – last 30 minutes before heading home. Turn off automatic notifications.


  • Cell Phones

Your cell phone has likely given you increased freedom from your workplace, but they seem to have also taken away your freedom to choose when you work.


You can work outside of the office, but this often means you also work evenings and weekends when spending time with your family and friends.


  • Open Door Policies

While you want to be open and accessible to your staff, sometimes you can make yourself too accessible.


Open door policies have the potential to create a daily stream of employees coming up at your door seeking immediate answers for non-emergency issues.


Be more exclusive with you time available – not unapproachable but more exclusive so your team must prioritize their day better – but you are available for emergencies and IMPORTANT discussions. His is also where the skill of Delegation is tested.


  • Meetings

Unstructured, unnecessary, run-on meetings can gobble up hours for no reason at all. Especially as a business owner, your presence may be requested at a variety of meetings, but it's not always required.


Days spent in back to back meeting often mean that your workday starts at five instead of nine.


  • YOU! Hardest of the lot, but coachable

Since effective time management is a choice, everyone is guilty of letting themselves sabotage their ability to work productively and efficiently at all times.


It's easy for business owners to avoid separating business hours from leisure time and let the two run together. We all have distractions that we fall into from time to time.


Your most valuable asset outside of your business finances (MONEY) is your TIME, yet every day we guard our Money resource but throw away our Time resource – stop it!


"It takes the human mind 15 minutes to properly focus... if you get interrupted every 7 minutes... you have a huge problem!" – Karl Bryan

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