It's Official: Bad Service is Unacceptable

It goes without saying, but bad customer service bugs people!

In fact, it irks some people so much that if someone has had a negative experience, they will never give that business a second chance, according to a recent survey. It also revealed that people will also spread the word to friends and family about their bad experiences. 

According to the New Zealand Herald, Reader’s Digest magazine commissioned Catalyst Research to speak to 1,500 New Zealanders about their attitude towards businesses that lack ‘good manners’.

The study found that 9 out of 10 of New Zealanders will walk away from the offending business and never deal with them again, but also don’t properly let the business know what it was that went wrong.

The survey went on to add that when New Zealanders do have positive experiences, we rave about it and, as a result, bring in more business. The survey added that New Zealanders make a point to thank the staff member they dealt with, as well as 8 in 10 telling management of their positive experiences.

So what defines ‘good customer service’?

In short, the survey found that people simply wanted the feeling of being heard. We, as consumers, want our concerns to be recognized and dealt with at the first port of call, instead of being passed around a department.

With all of this information, we as business owners can reflect on not what our business offers, but how it offers it. After all, you can offer the greatest product in the world at the greatest price, but without quality customer service, you’re unlikely to ever truly reach your full potential.

So what can you do?

It may sometimes be overlooked due to fancy new technology and decisions made in high-powered business meetings, but good customer service has by no means gone out of fashion.

For so many people, having a smiling face behind the counter with solid product and customer knowledge will be the determining factor of whether or not people return. High quality customer service is a sought after experience by people, whether they be a regular client or just a walk-in from the street.

While competitors can match your pricing, product variety and special deals, they will find it hard to ‘copy’ your customer service team that can consistently hit the mark with quality service. THAT is what will set you apart from everyone else in your field – this survey is further proof of that fact.

The last thing your competitor needs is to have to work harder and put in more effort to improve their service standards because you are you consistently improving yours. Think about it!