The Best Lead Conversion Strategy (Part Two)

Measuring and assessing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in your business starts with a measurement system. A system that tells you how well your marketing materials are working and how powerful your offers are – or aren’t!


If someone walks into your retail store off the street and purchases something, unless you have some sort of measurement device in place, there’s no way you're going to know how that person found out about your business.


And if you don’t know how customers find out about your business, you're not going to know which of your ads are working and which aren’t.


YBT Quick Tip:

  • Make sure that ALL your advertising and acquisition mechanisms have a built-in measurement device.

    • For example, a code unique to the ad, headline, offer, or guarantee. It will help you measure the number of responses or which ad worked best


5 Measurement Devices for Your Marketing Campaigns


1.      Campaign-specific toll-free number

Your advertising material quotes a specific number to call. This number is unique to the test. You have the advantage to monitor the time, frequency, and length of calls.


2.      The Actual Offer Piece

Feature a specific bonus offer or premium that is specific to the marketing piece. That way, every time someone inquires about the offer you know they’re calling off a certain ad. This is a simple testing method that can be measured by simply monitoring stock levels.


3.      Promotional Code

Feature a special campaign-specific promotional code on your advertising and ask that people quote that code when they respond. It is very easy to track and measure.


4.      A Unique Reply Paid or PO Box Number

Either rent a PO box just for the campaign or arrange a special ‘Reply Paid’ number. It’s easy and affordable to set up.


5.      Response cards and coupons

Feature a specially coded coupon that needs to be completed and returned to receive the offer. It is easy to monitor and great for collecting additional information.


These different measurement devices are ideal for mail order sales, FREE offer promotions, FREE lead generation offers (like free reports and info packs) and much more.


So what now?

Sit down and think of different measurement devices for your business.


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