The Client Boomerang System

Discover the EASIEST way to have clients return again and again!


Your biggest opportunity to increase retention

As you may have heard, it’s at least six times easier (and more profitable) to get an existing customer to do business with you again, than it is to attract a new customer. However, many business owners spend all their time focusing on advertising to get new customers.

A large majority of their marketing budget goes in that direction. Their sales people focus all their attention on getting new business too. With that, they don’t have time to build relationships with their existing customers.  Nor do they do anything to generate repeat sales.

It’s little wonder that their existing customers feel neglected and many head for the competition. Funnily (or perhaps frighteningly) enough, the BIGGEST opportunity for generating repeat business is the one that is the easiest to do and the most overlooked as well.

Making it a habit to re-book your customers for their next appointment will significantly increase your retention rate.

In fact, it will almost guarantee that they’ll visit your business next time they need your type of product or service.  After all, they’ve already gone to the trouble of arranging a follow-up time with you. And consider too that most people are courteous and won’t change their appointment unless it is urgent.

Some business owners become concerned that asking their customers to re-book is being too pushy, but in actual fact customers really appreciate it – it’s one less thing that they need to remember to do themselves!


Two ways to make this re-booking strategy work effortlessly in your business:

1. Develop a script to use at the end of your appointment.

Here’s a sample re-booking script:

‘[name], I’m going to recommend that you come and see me again in X weeks’ time. Our appointment book is filling up fast as this is a really busy time of year. So we can ensure you can secure an appointment when you want one, I recommend re-booking now. So how does [date] work for you [name]? And what time of day suits you best?’


2. Create a system that ensures that customers are asked to re-book every single time they do business.

It’s vital that your re-booking strategy is systematized, not simply ‘remembered’, as inevitably, when a client is rushing or a phone rings, customer service staff can forget to ask a client to re-book. A great way to ensure this is a systematized process is to have a reminder pop up on your point of sale program to jog your staff’s memory.


3 Important tips to ensure your clients attend their next appointment

  1. Provide them with an appointment card on the spot.

  2. Send them out a reminder email/text one week in advance.

  3. Call them with a reminder two days prior to their appointment – alternatively you might want to send an SMS (many CRM systems can do this automatically for you).


Rebook to retain

Rebooking on the spot is essential in driving up your retention rate from your current 87.5%. By making it procedure to rebook all clients for their next service/consultation, you’ll be differentiating yourself from your competition and demonstrating to your clients that you truly care about their patronage.

For help implementing a ‘client boomerang system’ of your own, call us now on 03 479 3890 and ask! We’ve got hundreds of strategies and ideas you can implement right now that can dramatically improve your client retention and in turn, boost your profitability.